Leadership in Sustainable Development

Internships that focus on Leadership Skills, Personal Development, Hands-on Experience, Service Learning and Ecologically-minded Sustainable Enterprise.

Cobb Building
Sharing Knowledge
Village Outreach
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Hands-On Experience

Customized Internship Program


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Activities, Workshops, Coach
  • Three Meals per Day

Custom Dates and Length of Stays Available.

Developing your Personal Strengths, Team Work & Leadership Skills


  • Eco construction building projects- Build with recycled materials and cobb!
  • Creating Sustainable Solutions in our Village
  • Environmental Outreach in the Rural Countryside
  • Eco- Incentive Campaigns
  • Leadership Skill Training
  • Organic Farming, harvesting, wildcraft production of health and wellness products for our social enterprise
  • Up-cycling, Crafts & Nature Adventures
  • Bamboo Seedling Planting in Collaboration with Impoverished Locals for use in ECO-construction
  • Collaborative ECO-workshops with our local countryside students
  • Developing Environmentally Minded Social Enterprise in the Village
  • Groups about Progress, Self- Awareness, Leadership, Team work, Collaboration & Personal Development
  • Wellness Activities = Yoga, Meditation and Exercise
  • Healthy Meals – Khmer Cooking Class (optional)
  • Experience the World from a new perspective in a small village– Guaranteed it will change your life!
  • Creating a model focused around sustainable solutions that can be duplicated
  • Construction and Planning for a fully Self-Sustaining Eco Village
  • Work with our Eco Engineers
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Implementing Sustainable Systems that cut down Waste, Re-use and Promote Natural Products

Custom Dates

All-inclusive trip

  • Three meals per day- Meat and Vegetarian Options
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • All Activities and Highlights Listed Above

Life-Changing Education

Booking Available Now $1500 per person Per Month Sliding Scale Available
Contact Rachel: TheRedRoadFoundation@gmail.com #855 017 449 488 (Telegram)

ECO Village Construction & Internship Project


To build an Eco-Village that will support sustainability of our free education center through hosting retreats. It will serve as a model for ecological techniques in construction and will be used for marketing. Through the project, we will provide the training of Khmer interns to establish a green construction group. We will promote the use green technologies and eco building in Cambodia through our project.

Global Mission:

To offset carbon footprint in Cambodia and globally, by reducing waste generated by traditional construction methods and promoting use of locally available natural and recycled materials in construction, our ambition is to contribute to increasing awareness about sustainable building alternatives by educating disadvantaged children and youth in rural area of Cambodia. We will provide them with decent employment opportunities in a value-added sector. More specifically, the output of the proposed project is a model eco-village constructed from natural and recycled materials on site at our community school. This can be used for marketing green technologies in construction.

After the hands-on training of interns within this project, we will support the organization of a green construction group and a network of enterprises focusing around construction from natural and recycled materials; as well as production of supplementary tools and materials needed. Through social enterprise we can support local families through supporting small businesses that provide materials like glass bricks, recycled plastic tiles etc.

Why the ECO Village is Important to the Communities It Serves

  • It will allow the school to increase and diversify the range of supporting entrepreneurial activities to be able to sustain provision of education to local community through providing housing for retreats and interns.
  • The eco-village will be a showcase of construction from natural and recycled materials and hereby increase awareness to the local and expat population about sustainable and green building alternatives.
  • During the construction of the eco-village local community members will have an opportunity to acquire useful skills and knowledge about sustainable construction techniques through direct participation and paid internships.
    Community members can also get involved and subsidize their income through being supported in starting small businesses that directly correlate with the materials needed to build eco villages.
  • Students and community members will benefit from exposure to high-tech green technology, e.g. the 3D-printing of housing parts, using litter and recycling discarded objects.
  • The project follow-up will directly raise entrepreneurship potential among local population in green tourism and green industry sectors.

What now?

In 2022 we will work with the local community in rural Cambodia to set up a network of family enterprises focusing on the production of supplementary tools and materials needed for constructing the Eco-Village and further, to support the transition from focus on solely conventional construction materials towards natural and recycled ones. These include production of pressed earth bricks with recycled glass and plastic content, bamboo nursery and a treatment center, passive evaporative air-cooling devices made of clay and bamboo and coconut husk separation production line to produce fiber used in the plaster mix.

The Target Population

The Red Road Foundation and the Eco Village serve a diverse population. Local Khmer children who benefit from free education and will have the opportunity to apply for this internship. Local families who will have the support of our team to learn more about recycling, green technology, environmental health and opportunity to work directly with us and generate income for their families. International and Khmer interns who can get hands-on experience in green technology through volunteering with us. The local Khmer and expat population who are interested in building beautiful homes or eco resorts. They will have the opportunity to support the environment through the construction of their dream homes, villas or bungalows.
“Empowering the next generation for a sustainable future. Arrive as a friend, leave as family.”
– Ellie Brister 23 Nathan Billingham 25 (3rd year volunteer)

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